Available courses

The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to the more advanced internet languages, architectures and applications, that are mainly based on XML, HTML, python and Java as the main data structure and the main programming languages. The goal is to provide a self-contained introduction, but also to motivate further study and provide material for further developments in the area of Internet technologies.

This course will introduce you to the Computer Information Systems that are found in most companies. These are transaction systems that manage the activities of the Revenue and Expenditure cycles of the business. The course covers core application frameworks – customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, revenue and expenditure management, and human resource management – with emphasis on the modelling of business processes and data. You are required to develop and implement components of these systems.

The software project engineering and management course is designed to present students with an overview of advanced topics in Software Engineering. Students will be exposed to techniques that are gaining increasing attention in the industrial and research communities. Students will apply the software engineering techniques to homework assignments and mini-projects throughout the course. Students will also be exposed to Project Management techniques including proposals, monitoring and evaluation of large-scale software projects.