Available courses

This course will introduce students to the underlying technologies required by electronic commerce infrastructures. Various authentication, encryption and access control methods will be taught. This will be a hands-on course in which students will be required to build various components of an e-commerce site.

This course covers the design, implementation and testing of web-based applications and the incorporation of a variety of digital media into these applications. Students are exposed to a range of web technologies, both client-side and server-side. The course will be delivered using a combination of lectures, blended learning, case studies and various online resources. Assignments will take the form of take-home assignments, projects, written examinations and lab examinations.

Web System technology seeks to give students a practical understanding and appreciation for the completion of websites and complex web applications that meet the requirements of many business needs today.

The main reason for offering the course is that employers expect the UWI graduate to be competent with writing Web Applications since most businesses are seeking to become digital firms.

The site will support the delivery of content during the class and will attempt to be self-sufficient to facilitate students who will not be able to make it to class.